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A New Generation Of Workers

Volunteer Work Of Alpha Kappa PSI

There are many opportunities to volunteer your time and energy to the sorority. They really encourage you to share your life lessons and the talents you possess with others. You can serve just one chapter or the entire foundation. There is always room for another point of view and new ideas to keep the organization growing.


There is a list of volunteer positions most requested. This list includes the time you will need to devote to meet these needs. There are training requirements for most if not all volunteer jobs. This training must be complete before you move forward. The tools you use in your profession of 11management team to supervise memberships or finances of a chapter or regional chapter. There are regional directors and managers, sectional that only preside over a limited number of chapters, and chapter advisors that limit their involvement to one chapter only.

Some positions such as presidents and regional directors are elected while others are appointed. The president is elected to the position by the chapter congress. One of his responsibilities is to appoint committees for special projects. They normally commit to approximately ten hours a week for two years. The vice president has a lower hourly pledge of about seven hours weekly for two years. There is also a local vice president position that is appointed by the fraternity to govern just that chapter.

The board of directors is an elected position and they are chosen by the chapter’s congress. Previous volunteer work is mandatory. The director not only represents the entire fraternity but oversees that the best interest for the organization is met with each decision rendered. While the term itself is longer, three years the hourly commitment is less. They must attend two weekend meetings a year and at least four hours a month.

The judicial committee is one of the most interesting and challenging choices available. They are in charge of risk management not only for the organization but also for the individual members. The training includes how to investigate chapter’s decisions and determine if the actions are harmful to the organization as a whole. You may be amongst the chosen if you are requested to act as an investigating officer for the judicial system. The job includes interviewing the people involved and documenting your findings with or without recommendations regarding discipline. The time of commitment varies per case.

There are other numerous committees that need your time and loyalty. You can join the chairman advisory council or offer your talents as a speaker to the educational department. If you are interested in becoming a competition judge at businesses contact the alumni development director. There are so many volunteer opportunities available it seems unlikely that you would have difficulty finding the one that touches a cord with you. In addition, the Alpha Kappa Psi parent chapter is working in affiliation with several corporate non-profit sponsors including Taco Bell applications for the under privileged, Subway employment initiatives and Chick-fil-a volunteer groups. If you have ideas for new positions those are welcome too. There is a form you can submit with suggestions and requests. Your loyalty and dedication to your fraternity is what counts the most.

How Sorority Life Prepares Girls For A Better Career

Being part of a sorority offers many advantages during college that cross over to the graduate’s life. Learning how to be independent and make good choices is one of them. So many young girls get caught up in the wrong activities just trying to fit in and never finish their education don’t be a victim of this part of sorority life. Prove how smart you really are.

Life Lessons

Leadership is a plus in almost every profession. You may not always be the one leading but you know you are capable of standing in anytime. Experience is the best teacher and in most sororities they have an organized system that allows each student to learn how to be fair and improve your organizational skills. The numerous activities that demand your presence in a fraternity will teach you time management. You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish and not allow your grades to fail as a result. Another life skill you will not be able to escape is dealing with opposite personalities. You may find you have many friends that you cherish, but the one that will remain closest to your heart is the one you work hardest to form. What a boring world it would be if all people were in agreement. Living with different temperaments and characters will help you fine tune your ability to communicate. This is one of the greatest lessons in life and you will need it throughout your career.

Appearance is often considered a reflection of your ability to organize your personal live. In a sorority you will gain a self-awareness that might otherwise be lost. How you appear when you walk in a room is often the only impression you ever are able to make. Good posture denotes self-confidence and when that is capped with cleanliness and appropriate dress for the occasion it draws the attention of those who may decide your future. Your physical and mental well-being is of utmost importance. If you don’t accept the responsibility to take care of yourself how can you be trusted in less significant situations?

Giving Back

Giving back to society is something that simply isn’t taught in college courses. In a sorority philanthropic events are an expected way of life. Fundraisers- for whatever good cause comes along, becomes a natural part of daily life and it won’t stop after you graduate. You learn how to succeed and meet your goals and perhaps more importantly you learn how to deal with failures. You are keenly aware that not all sorority or all college graduates will attain fame and fortune. However history has proven that members of a sorority have a much higher rate of success in their professional and personal lives.

Those sorority sisters tend to keep in touch with each other and the sorority chapter they came from. They visit on occasion and share their personal experiences and the opportunities they accepted or passed up. They answer questions that only real life experience can answer and they warn them about what to stay away from.

The History Of Alpha Kappa PSI

This fraternity came to life in 1896 at New York University. The certified public accountant act was the stimuli to elevate accountants to the same prestigious level as attorneys. Increased demand for this service was met by the university counselor’s decision to establish a course in political economy, accounting and commercial law. In 1904 a committee wanted to post an announcement of the fraternity’s birth, but elected to get official sanction from the chancellor of New York University first. A letter was scribed and sent to the chancellor and the approval was soon returned.

Inevitable Changes Ahead

In 1930 a pledge training manual was published and the ritual robes were available to all chapters of the fraternity. The official flower was changed to a yellow rose and the medallion made of bronze and white gold was officially adopted as the design for the Alpha Kappa PSI scholarship award. The first handbook was 56 pages long and published in 1934 with the creed printed on the inside cover. In 1940 a college fund was set up along with a new and simple form of accounting was published.

There were many meetings and many changes that occurred over the years but in 1972 new laws would affect the fraternity forever. The ‘education amendments act” prohibited sex discrimination and that included college fraternities. A committee was formed to oppose the new law in 1973, and in 1975 a new law was presented to bar women from the fraternity but was soon defeated. Finally in 1976 the committees voted to allow women to join this prestigious fraternity. It was 1991 before the first female was elected as the president of the foundation. Her name was Eileen Howell. She broke ground for all the women to follow. In the year 2000 the foundation’s board of directors voted to extend the fraternity membership to the United Kingdom. It was this same year the fraternity received the first Magazine of the Year Award by the College Fraternity Editors Association. This award put another breakthrough landmark on their long list of accomplishments. In 1913 the fourth nation joined the fraternity with the opening of a new chapter in China.

Current Status

In the year 2014 and 2015 the board of directors instituted a new arrangement. The hope was that it would encourage growth and a more specific structure for the chapters. It evidently worked the chapters grew to 17 regions including 16 regions for students.

The Coat of Arms currently used was designed and adopted in 1930. The initial design was not acceptable. It’s said that the coat of arms has secret meanings that only members know. The imagery is applied to each certificate of membership. Every tiny image has its own significance to the foundation and they are only revealed to members during the rituals. This is a fraternity of long standing that has changed with the times and grown to meet the needs of students as well as the demands of the nation.




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